With Oasis Management we make your property a better place to stay, work and own by providing hands on, on-going operation experience, management with a sense of urgency, yet still maintaining balance with a realistic outlook of the future. The ability to understand the complexities in decision making and the implications that must be considered as a hotel operator requires experience and insightful thinking as well as the ability to recommend solutions based on the best interests of the owners, property, employees and guests. Oasis Management provides an array of hotel management services, beginning with a customized operating plan that is aligned with ownership's particular investment goals and needs. With a continued emphasis on strategic relationships, Oasis Management can focus on identifying new opportunities and evolving to an ever-changing business environment. No matter the economic climate, we take pride in our owner and client relationships and always maintain open candid communication and accountability for the projects entrusted to us. We stand ready to offer a variety of services tailored to the clients' and hotel's unique needs!

Oasis Management Services


Operations management is the backbone of any successful organization, and Oasis Management will make your property a better place to stay at, work for and to own. Our success comes from our experienced key personnel who are dedicated to a commitment to excellence.

Design & Construction

Oasis Management has completed several “ground-up” projects with varying degrees of complexity and challenge. With new construction, it is our goal to build a foundation for success by ensuring that all phases of the project are designed properly and are aligned from the beginning to create the optimal results for your property.

Pre-Opening Statements

Whether it is property opening or a major repositioning, pre-opening activities will set the stage for a successful path forward, you will be working with hotel management experts that have gone through the hotel development and opening experience. We have the team members with the capability to oversee everything from obtaining the right equipment, décor, licenses, and staff as well as the organizing of opening events.


At Oasis management we focus our growth on the development of properties that are economically viable and will produce a return on investment. We are a partner in the development process and will guide owners through the development, construction and opening of a successful hotel.